Premiere of ‘Global Windshield, The Musical’, a video art work by Momu & No Es that questions our relationship with technocratic culture

Global Windshield, The Musical is a video work composed entirely of synthetic images. As the title suggests, it starts behind the windshield of a car advancing along a freeway. From this point on, the concatenation of images, videos, 3D animation and an original soundtrack evokes a mental journey that is intended to induce a state of contemplation and acceleration similar to when we are consuming images online. “We had one clear idea when we first conceived this project: to make the viewer the protagonist so he or she could get the sense of being physically inside the Internet, exploring it from behind the screen,” explain Momu & No Es – Lucía Moreno and Eva Noguera – authors of the eighth instalment in the MULTIVERSE exhibition series, which has its premiere tomorrow in the BBVA Foundation.