NEWS Exhibition: MULTIVERSE 2017-2018 (I)

The BBVA Foundation’s MULTIVERSO space will display ‘Expediente: Túnel de la Engaña’, a new piece by Txuspo Poyo as part of its annual video art creation program

An abandoned railway tunnel – in its day the longest in Spain, connecting Burgos and Cantabria – the testimonies of political prisoners who working on the building of that never-to-be-used infrastructure, an elephant advancing through the ruined remains of the adjacent workings into the hole gouged out of the mountain, an infrared camera, drones, poems by Seamus Heaney (Digging) and T. S. Elliot (The Hollow Men) at each of the tunnel’s extremes… These are just some of the elements of Expediente: Túnel de la Engaña, the piece by Txuspo Poyo with which the BBVA Foundation kicked off an exhibition series devoted to the works created under its second grant call in video art creation.