06/04/2018 - 13/05/2018
Monday to Sunday and public holidays: 10:00 - 21:00


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Sala MULTIVERSO. BBVA Foundation. Palacio del Marqués de Salamanca. Paseo de Recoletos, 10. Madrid

[Shelter] is a video essay in the form of a correspondence, in which the construction of a refuge – a makeshift architecture that will only just serve to survive the night in a hostile or unknown environment – provides the pretext for a conversation about issues like traceability and substance, technology and time. This production explores the forms of emerging thought in their material configuration, be it only gesture, word or sound and however ephemeral it may appear.


Lúa Coderch


Laura Baigorri





Laura Baigorri

[Shelter] refers firstly to the things that carry meaning in our lives: love, friendship, memory and the objects that contain it, places, the stories we receive and construct, the possibility to speak and connect with others. Everything that serves us as a fundamental reference, a signpost to guide us on our way.

The starting point, therefore, is a loss of direction, a moment of existential doubt or uncertainty. Before it took shape as a project, [Shelter] unfolded as a spontaneous practice: setting out from home, leaving everything behind, advancing through the landscape without any preset plan, carrying no weight beyond what can fit into a backpack. Embodying a figure somewhere between a lunatic, fugitive, vagabond, flâneuse and glaneuse. This movement of flight or dissolution reaches a natural hiatus with the arrival of the first night, in the face of the immediate need to seek refuge as soon as the sun goes down. The shelter, a small, makeshift structure built from whatever is lying around and the little we are carrying, is the material translation of the need to dig in and inhabit the place where we circumstantially find ourselves, despite the doubts and for however short a time.

The piece on show comprises fifteen video capsules, filmed in the landscapes of two different continents, that correspond to this way of working that continually makes and unmakes itself: choose a spot, see what the location has to offer, construct a small shelter with whatever’s to hand. On completion, write and send a letter addressed to someone you love, relating the construction process in close connection to the surrounding terrain, and some of those stories and anecdotes that describe the things that create meaning in our lives, from a place of provisionality and contingency.

Video installation, 1h 15’ 11”